reaffirm mortgage after bankruptcy

Academy officer heavily in debt – A Tennessee native known to her clients as "Renee," dickinson testified wednesday that she quit the escort service after. a loan "reaffirmation" agreement, consenting to repay $15,300 to.

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Mortgage after bankruptcy, no reaffirmation, stay & pay. – Mortgage after bankruptcy, no reaffirmation, stay & pay situation Filed and discharged bankruptcy in 2009 due to a loss of primary income that lasted a year. We intended, as it states on our bankruptcy papers, to reaffirm our mortgage.

Reaffirmation of the mortgage note is a legal contract promising to repay some or all of the loan. Essentially, reaffirmation confirms to the lender that even though you are filing bankruptcy, you.

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How can I reaffirm my mortgage after chapter. 7 – Q&A – Avvo – Bankruptcy lawyer neglected to reaffirm. UGH! Now, the mortgage company is not giving me credit for paying the mortgage to the credit bureaus. I understand I claimed bankruptcy but reestablishing credit is in my best interest now. I hope you do not mean the legal process called "reaffirmation" in.

What Happens if I Don't Reaffirm My Mortgage After Bankruptcy. – A reaffirmation agreement with a mortgage lender means you agree to keep up payments, and that the court will not discharge the loan. Since the lender will still have a lien on the property, however, you risk foreclosure if you cease payments after the bankruptcy, with or without a reaffirmation agreement.

Kentucky Sheriff | A Blog about Reputed Lawyers and. – When you are suffering from unmanageable debts, then you can very well opt for filing bankruptcy. This is a difficult decision to be taken as it affects the person emotionally.

After bankruptcy, do I owe on 2nd mortgage? – I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that was discharged in 2009. I was paying my second mortgage loan to the bank for four years without a reaffirmation agreement. I never missed a payment during that time.

Can I reaffirm on my house after a bankruptcy discharge. – Hi rdugan, Welcome to forums. As per the bankruptcy laws in NewYork, you have the right to reaffirm the mortgage after getting a discharge. But perhaps the court has reviewed your situation and they felt that it wasn’t appropriate. I think you need to contact your attorney soon and if he’s not available, hire another attorney so that you get confirmed as to why you can’t reaffirm. Maybe you’ll.

In contract, a reaffirmation agreement with the bank is a commitment that you won’t let the bankruptcy discharge the mortgage. Instead, you’ll keep on writing the bank its monthly checks. If you.

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