conventional loan after foreclosure

Like with most all other types of mortgage programs, conventional loans do have a waiting period after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short-shale. A lender will not only look at the amount of time that has past since the financial situation occurred.

The maximum debt-to-income ratio (DTI) for a conventional loan is 45%. Exceptions can be made for DTIs as high as 50% with strong compensating factors like a high credit score and/or lots of cash reserves. If you have dings on your credit or don’t have a lot of cash reserves, your maximum DTI may be much lower than 45%.

Fannie Mae Guidelines On Conventional Loans After Foreclosure Versus Deed In Lieu/Short Sale The waiting period clock does not start until the the deed has been transferred out. Many people think that the seven year waiting period to qualify for a conventional loan starts. However, this is not.

Every mortgage loan type requires a waiting period before buying a home after foreclosure. Conventional loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac require the longest waiting period: "Seven years.

Conventional loan after foreclosure You can get a conventional loan these days after a foreclosure. To get the best interest rate on a conventional loan, however, you might need to wait seven years. But depending on your circumstances and your lender, you might be able to get a mortgage sooner than that.

The owners of the four buildings, all in Panama City, Florida, entered into 50-year loans with the now-defunct Farmers Home. In September 2010, facing foreclosure after having difficulty.

Now, to qualify for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan, you must usually wait at least seven years after the foreclosure. Exceptions to the Seven-year waiting period You might be able to shorten the waiting period to three years for a Fannie or Freddie loan if you can meet all of the below requirements.

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