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How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy – NerdWallet – On-time payments and careful use of a secured card or loan are key to rebuilding credit after bankruptcy.

Refinance Car After Bankruptcy – – Refinance Car After Bankruptcy To refinance a car after bankruptcy can be more difficult, but you still may be able to benefit from an auto loan refinance. If you have a discharged bankruptcy, tax lien, or just plain bad credit, you can still get approved. You may be able to get refinanced through what is called a "high risk" underwriter.

Help With Auto Loan Refinance After Bankruptcy – Question: I need help with auto loan refinance after bankruptcy. I have an issue where due to divorce and some issues with health I had to file bankruptcy. It started as a Chapter 13 but had been dismissed and refiled as a Chapter 7 after losing my house to a short sell due to the housing market, etc.

The Bankruptcy Discharge And Beyond: What To Do After Your. – Congratulations! You have received your bankruptcy discharge at the end of your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case. You are anxious to get a fresh start, but what should you do next? . . . Read More: The Bankruptcy Discharge And Beyond: What To Do After Your Bankruptcy

Can You Refinance Student Loans After Bankruptcy? | LendEDU – The final option for refinancing after bankruptcy requires patience and time. It might not be possible for you to refinance your student loans immediately. You may need to wait four, five, or more years to meet the eligibility requirements of even the most lenient lenders.

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Auto Refinancing During Bankruptcy – Post-Bankruptcy Refinancing While it is possible – with a strong plea to your trustee – to find a lender to accept you for an open bankruptcy refinancing, it is much easier and you are more likely to be approved if you apply for auto refinancing after bankruptcy.

How Long After a Bankruptcy Can I Get a Car Loan? – CarsDirect – Car Refinancing; Getting a Car Loan;. A consumer can qualify for an auto loan after a bankruptcy upon discharge, but it may be in their best interest to wait at least a year or more because of the effect it has on their credit.

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Refinancings Plummet After Worst Losses in 14 Years: Muni Credit – Benchmark yields have almost doubled over the past nine months as Detroit’s record bankruptcy and speculation that the. Municipalities took advantage of refinancing deals after the 18-month.

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Factbox: Auto industry megamergers and alliances – The auto industry. requiring billions in refinancing. Porsche turns to VW and Qatar for help. Volkswagen buys a 49.9 percent stake in Porsche’s sportscar business for 3.9 billion euros. June 2009 -.

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